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Manage your dealership financials, track expenses, generate reports, and ensure tax compliance all in one place.
Ditch the spreadsheets and endless paperwork. Our software gives you the tools to manage your dealership's finances with confidence and speed.
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Tax Time Simplified

Inventory Taxes Under Control

Vehicle Inventory Tax Reports: Done. Generate accurate reports in a flash, saving hours of tax prep stress every month.
Financial Dashboard at a Glance: No digging for numbers – key financial health indicators right in front of you.
Profitability Tracking per Vehicle: Log the true cost of each vehicle, beyond the purchase price.
Expenses Under Control

Less Busywork, More Business

Expense Tracking Without the Headache: Track vehicle repairs, maintenance, facility costs – everything in one place.
Secure, Speedy Payments: Pay vendors and bills on time, keeping your operations running smoothly.
Data-Powered Forecasting: Stop guessing about the future. Make informed decisions backed by trends.
Dealer Confidence Boost

Financial Confidence for Dealers

Tax Compliance Made Easy: Avoid penalties, file with confidence. Our tools keep you on track.
P&L Clarity = Smart Choices: Spot opportunities and areas for improvement with clear profit and loss views.
Cash Flow on Your Radar: Never caught short. See your money flow and make proactive moves.


Quickbooks Integration:
 Works with the tools you already use, streamlining your accounting.

Here's why you should use our software

Hassles with sold cars lingering online? Forgotten inspection dates? Not on our watch. Dealer Essential’s Inventory Management tunes up your sales process to perfection.

Tax Reports Simplified

End the stress of vehicle inventory tax reports. Generate them instantly for effortless filing.

Track Profit Per Vehicle

Know the true cost and profit potential of each vehicle, beyond just the sticker price.

Financial Health Checkup

Get a snapshot of your dealership's financial health at a glance with our live dashboard.

Expenses Made Easy

Track repairs, maintenance, facility costs – get a grip on all your dealership expenses.

Forecast with Confidence

Plan ahead with data-driven predictions. Make smarter decisions based on financial trends.

QuickBooks Integration

Manage your financials seamlessly – our tools sync with the accounting software you already use.
Let's make every sale as smooth as your best closing handshake. Dealer Essential’s got your back—every step of the way.
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Your Complete Car Dealership Companion

Ease into excellence with Dealer Essential's all-encompassing SaaS solution. Our platform is designed to tackle the hard tasks, letting you steer your dealership towards success with ease.

What Dealers Say About Us

CashControl has cut our admin time in half. Generating VIT reports quickly has made tax time a breeze. It's a must-have for any dealership bogged down by spreadsheets!
Alex F., Houston, TX
The tax alignment feature in CashControl has been a game changer for us. It’s easy to file with confidence and manage compliance effectively.
Nina P., Boston, MA
Expense tracking with CashControl is phenomenal. From vehicle repairs to facility costs, everything's in one place, simplifying decisions and cost management.
Rajesh K., San Diego, CA
The QuickBooks integration is seamless! CashControl has streamlined our financial management, making everything more organized and proactive.
Emily T., Chicago, IL
Tax season is no longer a stress with CashControl. Instant detailed tax reports save hours. This software empowers our financial management like never before.
Sandra J., Seattle, WA

Join The Revolution In Car Dealership Management

Be one of the trailblazers who experience the future of dealership management. Our platform is not just another tool; it’s a game-changer.

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