Inventory Management Made Simple

Forget the messy tools and endless updates. There's a smarter way to manage your inventory – and it's time to upgrade.

Inventory That Sells Itself

Forget about showing cars that are already sold. Keep your inventory up-to-date and never miss a hot lead.

Listings From Your Phone

Capture photos, create listings, and publish them instantly-all from your phone. Efficient and straightforward.

AI Listing Assistant

Let our AI handle the data entry. You focus on what matters—making deals.
Take charge of your inventory with tools made for your lot where every second and sale counts.
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One Dealer platform

Inventory Ads

One System, Total Control:  No more switching between platforms. Manage all your inventory in one place.
Work Smarter, Not Harder: Take photos, update your vehicle listings, and put them on your sales channels - all from your phone.
No More Wasted Leads: With real-time updates, buyers only see the cars that are actually available.
With Dealer Essential’s Inventory Management, old listings are a thing of the past. Stay current, stay accurate, and stay ahead.
Super Fast listing listing management

Automated Ad Posting

Bye-Bye Spreadsheet Headaches: We keep track of everything, so you don't have to. Find any car, check its status, instantly.
We've Got Your Back: Never miss another inspection, never lose a buyer because you forgot something.
Your Cars, Everywhere Buyers Look: Facebook, CarGurus, all the big ones. We push your inventory out automatically.
At Dealer Essential, we turn the time you used to spend preparing to sell into time spent selling. Fast-track your vehicles to the spotlight, with a personal touch that sells.
Dealer Mobile App for your Convenience

Your Dealership In Your Pocket

Quick & Easy Pro Marketing: Custom window stickers, buyer guides, all ready to print right from your phone.
Pricing Power, Anywhere: Spot a good deal on a trade-in? Adjust listings instantly to stay competitive.
Never Miss a Message: Get buyer inquiries, respond fast, and close deals from wherever you are.

Here's why you should use our software

Hassles with sold cars lingering online? Forgotten inspection dates? Not on our watch. Dealer Essential’s Inventory Management tunes up your sales process to perfection.
Inventory Control
Watch your cars move faster from lot to sold with our streamlined interface.
On-the-Lot Mobility
Add new cars, update details, improve images and never miss a beat.
Live Inventory Sync
Accurate inventory in seconds: What customers see is what you have.
Your Lot, Now Everywhere
We integrate with Facebook Marketplace, CarGurus, and more – boosting your sales.
Inspection Alerts
No inspection delays, no disappointed customers. Your cars are sale-ready.
Market with Mastery
Create branded and custom buyer guides and window stickers with one click.
Let's make every sale as smooth as your best closing handshake. Dealer Essential’s got your back-every step of the way.
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Your Complete Car Dealership Companion

Ease into excellence with Dealer Essential's all-encompassing SaaS solution. Our platform is designed to tackle the hard tasks, letting you steer your dealership towards success with ease.
What Dealers Say About Us
Dealer Essential has transformed our inventory management. The mobile app is user-friendly and the AI handles all data entry. Our listings are always accurate and we've seen a boost in customer interest.
Chris Thompson, Owner of Thompson Family Autos
Dealer Essential is a game-changer. Real-time updates ensure customers only see available cars. The one-click publishing saves us so much time. Highly recommended!
Megan Patel, Sales Manager at Evergreen Auto Sales
Managing inventory used to be a nightmare, but Dealer Essential makes it easy. The guided photo app and AI-powered details have sped up our sales process.
Robert Garcia, General Manager at Southside Motors
Dealer Essential has expanded our reach with its platform integrations. The inspection alerts are a lifesaver. Our operations are much smoother now.
Laura Johnson, Owner of Sunset Auto
The mobile features of Dealer Essential are fantastic. The AI Listing Assistant creates detailed descriptions that attract more buyers. We've seen a significant increase in sales.
David Lee, Sales Director at All Star Auto

Join The Revolution In Car Dealership Management

Be one of the trailblazers who experience the future of dealership management. Our platform is not just another tool; it’s a game-changer.

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