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Intuitive tools, error-proof calculations, and a guided process streamline your deals. Close faster, avoid mistakes, and delight customers.
Direct Lender Link
Secure the best finance deals in real-time
One-Click Credit Checks
Approve buyers quickly. Find the best deal possible
Digital Paperwork
Auto-fill contracts to save time and stay compliant
"Finally, paperwork I don't dread. With DealStream my deals are streamlined, accurate, and way less stressful." - Sebastian, LCT Auto
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Financing at a Click

Simple Deal Making

Deal Sheets in a Snap:  Generate professional deal sheets instantly – no more time wasted on paperwork.
Desk a Deal Like a Pro: Intuitive interface guides you through every step, from trade-ins to financing options.
Calculations You Can Count On:  Taxes, fees, everything's accurate. Adjust as needed, and avoid costly errors.
Negotiation at a Glance

Flexible Deal Structure

Deal Structure on the Fly: Adjust terms, add trade-ins, or apply financing options effortlessly during the negotiation.
Instant Trade-In Values: Get real-time market data to present accurate trade-in offers that win deals.
Transparency Builds Trust:  Present clear deal breakdowns to customers, fostering a smooth sales process.
Paperwork in a Flash

Quick Print Forms: 150+ Templates

Print with Confidence:  Bill of Sale, Retail Contract, State forms, warranties – our 150+ template library has you covered.
Guided Process, Zero Headaches: Never worry about missing key steps that lead to title delays.
Handle Out-of-State Buyers:  Waive taxes with confidence, ensuring smooth sales for those registering elsewhere.
Save Time, Build Trust: Customers walk away with complete paperwork, boosting satisfaction.

Paperwork Chaos Ends Today

Every document organized and easily accessible. Find what you need in seconds, track deal progress, and simplify compliance.

Lender Live Connect

Forge the fastest path to car ownership. Our direct-to-lender link means you can offer competitive financing solutions on the spot.

Integrated Credit Checks

Run credit checks without ever leaving your desk. Quick, integrated checks mean you can ensure financial viability in real-time.

In-Window Offer Management

Negotiate and finalize offers without juggling multiple tools. Everything you need is in one place, making multitasking a breeze.

Customizable Documents

Make every contract and form feel like yours. Tailor documents with your dealership’s branding for that personal touch.

Compliance Without Complexity

Automatically generate all the state-required paperwork with a few clicks. Reliable, compliant, and completely hassle-free.

Instant Notifications

Stay in the know with real-time alerts. From new offers to final approvals, you're always updated, wherever you are.
Take control of your deals with DealStream™. Schedule a demo to see how you can streamline your deal management process.
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Ease into excellence with Dealer Essential's all-encompassing SaaS solution. Our platform is designed to tackle the hard tasks, letting you steer your dealership towards success with ease.

What Dealers Say About Us

Dealer Essential has made our deal management a lot easier. The tools are simple to use, and we close deals faster without mistakes. Our customers are really happy with the process.
Michael Davis, Evergreen Auto Sales
The direct lender link feature is great. It’s quick to get the best finance deals, and the one-click credit checks save us a lot of time. The paperwork process is much smoother now.
Laura Martinez, Highway Auto
Using Dealer Essential has been very helpful. We can create deal sheets instantly, and the step-by-step guidance ensures we don’t miss anything. It’s really improved our efficiency.
Ravi Patel, Cityline Cars

The flexibility in deal structuring is a big win for us. I can adjust terms and add trade-ins easily during negotiations. The real-time trade-in values make our offers more accurate.
Sara Kim, Downtown Motors
Dealer Essential's paperwork features are fantastic. With all the templates and guided processes, printing forms is now quick and hassle-free. It saves us a lot of time and makes our customers happy.
James Nguyen, Quick Car Deals

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Be one of the trailblazers who experience the future of dealership management. Our platform is not just another tool; it’s a game-changer.

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