Optimize Your Dealership with Automotive CRM

Designed for busy dealers like you, this tool fits right into your daily operations, helping you manage customer relationships better and sell more cars.

Real-Time Updates

See customer interactions as they happen. Stay updated in real time.

One Single Place To Manage

Get all your leads in one place. CarGurus, FB Marketplace, Craigslist, Google and many more.

Mobile App Enabled

Manage your leads anytime, anywhere with our mobile app.
Dealer Essential simplifies running a car dealership by streamlining all aspects of the business into one powerful platform.
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Chat, Connect, Convert

Manage Leads Easily

One Chat Window: No more juggling between apps! Manage all your customer chats in a single, easy-to-use window.
Instant Lead Response: Be the first to respond to hot leads. Fast replies mean more deals closed.
Automated Follow-Ups: Stay in touch with leads automatically. Set reminders and personalize messages – all without the extra work.
Lead History Access: Know your customers! Access past interactions and tailor your approach for a winning pitch.
Mobile mockup showcasing Dealer Essential's CRM - an interface where all leads from different sources consolidated into one single window
Book Appointments in seconds

Digital Credit Apps

Preapprovals Without the Wait: Get customers preapproved while they're still hot on the car – no more playing phone tag with lenders.
E-Credit Apps, Minus the Paperwork: Ditch the forms pileup. Collect credit apps online and get funding decisions faster.
Appointments That Actually Happen: Stop chasing no-shows. Book solid appointments, get confirmations, and make the most of your time.
Drive Business Forward

Access CRM Anywhere

Never Miss a Beat, Even On the Go: Your CRM in your pocket – check customer details, respond to leads, anywhere.
Carfax & AutoCheck on Autopilot: Save clicks and impress customers by sending vehicle history reports automatically.
Every Detail at Your Fingertips: Know exactly what was said before you pick up the phone, close deals faster.

Unlock the Full Potential of Every Lead

From first chat to final sale, our CRM is the all-in-one solution that amplifies your dealership's efficiency and sales potential.

ONE Chat Window

Simplify communications with a unified chat interface. Every conversation, one window, total control.

Instant Lead Response

Connect with leads the moment they show interest. Fast engagement means higher conversion rates.

Appointment Scheduling

Expect a 32% average increase in customer show-up as our system helps with your calendar and customer commitments.

Credit Applications & History Reports

Send credit applications and vehicle history reports with a single click. Our one-tap solution makes it incredibly easy

Proactive Automated Follow-Ups

Keep the conversation going. Customizable follow-ups maintain momentum with minimal input.

Full Mobile App

Your dealership dashboard, on the move. Full CRM access, anytime, anywhere, on your mobile device - iOS or Android.
Get started and experience the difference today. It's not just about making sales—it's about making the process work for you.
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Powerful CRM for Busy Dealers

Every lead, every deal, and every customer interaction managed in one powerful, intuitive interface. Dealer Essential's CRM is your end-to-end solution for driving sales and streamlining operations.

What Dealers Say About Us

The unified chat window makes it easy to handle all the customer chats. Fast replies have boosted our sales. The follow-up feature keeps our leads interested without much effort.
Raj Patel at Quick Cars
Dealer Essential's CRM changed how we handle leads. The mobile app helps me stay on top of everything, even when I'm not at the dealership. Sending credit apps and history reports with one click is super handy. We've seen better sales since using it.
Ella Martinez from Green Valley Autos
Having the CRM on my phone is awesome. I can check customer details and reply to leads wherever I am. The automatic Carfax reports make our customers happy.
Tony Nguyen from Cityline Cars
The digital credit apps save a ton of time. Customers get preapproved super quick, and I don’t have to deal with all that paperwork. The appointment scheduler has really cut down on no-shows.
Lisa Gomez at Eastside Motors
Dealer Essential's chat tool is really cool. I can see all the chats in one place and reply fast. The follow-ups are automatic, which helps us close more deals without extra work.
Ricky Thompson from Auto Solutions

Accelerate Ahead with Dealer Essential CRM

Our CRM isn't just a tool; it's the fuel for your dealership's success. Seamless integration, rapid lead management, and a full suite of features designed to turbocharge your sales process — that's the Dealer Essential advantage.

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